In the Seven Stage Personal Growth Plan, stage four – Expansion – is a phase of attracting new relationships and improving existing relationships. At the same time, it may include releasing old relationships that no longer serve either party.

Existing relationships are affected by one’s personal growth. Friends and family may be supportive of the changes reflected by growth or may feel threatened. Any change can feel threatening or disturbing because it impacts how parties view each other.

Improve Relationships, New FriendImproving Relationships

During changing situations, those impacted are better prepared to accept and contribute if they are informed and given the opportunity to participate. Though it may be tempting to treat a personal growth plan as a private matter, family and friends will be better positioned to contribute and be supportive if they are informed.

How much should one reveal? That will depend on the relationship. In cases where the level of support is suspect or unknown, a brief indication that work is underway on some aspects of personal development may be appropriate.

Strengthening Current Relationships

During this phase of personal growth, one works to consciously assess and strengthen existing relationships. The strongest relationships are characterized by openness, trust, and mutual support.

The seven components of strong relationships are: Freedom, Respect, Support, Equality, Healthy conflict resolution, and Trust.

Strong Support Network

Personal growth is an exciting journey, but not one without its share of rough spots. Shedding old habits, beliefs, and behaviors can be difficult. A network of people who are willing and able to help is an invaluable asset. One should give conscious thought to existing friends and family members who can be counted on to form the nucleus of a support network. Think of this network as a board of directors for the corporation of personal development.

While reflecting on the desired board of directors, notice those family and friends who seem to be determined to halt or diminish the growth progress. Though difficult, it may be necessary to begin, in a caring and considerate way, to limit interactions.

Attracting New Friends

A positive aspect of giving up old relationships is that the process makes room for new people who will naturally be attracted because of similar interests and stages of growth.

One should be open to new relationship opportunities. As growth manifests itself in new ways of thinking and new behaviors, the process will naturally attract people whose vibrational energy is similar.

Personal Growth Plan Stages

This personal growth plan and model involves seven stages. Though a person does not move linearly through the stages, considering them linearly is helpful and focuses attention to the different activities and growth steps of each stage.

The Seven Stage Personal Growth Plan includes Healing, Foundation, Maturity, and Expansion, followed by Values and Strengths, Fulfillment, and Legacy.