Writing college admission essays are extremely important. This can make or break being accepted into the colleges you are applying to. They are a lot of work and they do take some time to complete. However, there are huge benefit is when they are done right and you are receiving multiple acceptance letters from colleges of your choice. A college essay help should assist you create a topic if you do not have one. One of the reasons why contacting essays writing help is important is to get advice on a suitable topic for your project. The topic you choose can either make or break your project. You want to contact a custom essay writing help that will help you create a topic based on your interest, and relevance to your study. College admission essays are one of the most important parts of the admission process. There are some definite do’s and dont’s when it comes to writing these essays.

The Do’s Of Writing College Admission Essays

  • Make sure you start writing the essay on time so you’re are not rushing to have it completed.
  • Answer the question the essay is asking for. Center your essay around that question and make sure to answer it thoroughly.
  • Ensure there is a clear thesis topic and theme to the essay. This is your main point and narrow down the topic as necessary to hit the mark and to make sure that the essay has a direction.
  • Create an outline before you have even begun writing. Go over what you want to discuss within the essay and create a format. Re-do the format and make sure there is a logical order to the thoughts and points being made.
  • Support your thesis with concrete evidence and examples. Use your life experience within the essays to support the main points.
  • Make sure the topic is interesting and something you want to discuss. Pick a topic that you have an avid interest in or want to tell about yourself.
  • Add descriptive words, examples and why this is important to you or how something impacted you.
  • Be honest throughout the essay, use real facts and descriptions. Be sincere as well and really mean what you are writing about.
  • Use an attention grabbing opening. Something that will catch the eye of the reader and get them interested. It can be anything from a question to a quote to an interesting description.
  • Ensure there is a solid conclusion that ties the entire essay together and reverts back to the first paragraph where the thesis is.
  • Sound like a real person writing the essay. Be genuine and write naturally.
  • Make sure to revise and edit the essay. Read through it multiple times and let others look it over as well. Do this at least three times before submitting it.
  • Read the essay aloud a few times too. This can sometimes be the best way to catch errors or sentences that do not make sense.
  • Check for all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Make sure it is coherent and clear from beginning to end.
  • Read it as if you are the admission staff. What would you think? How does it sound to you? What will they think? Look at it from their position.

The Dont’s Of Writing College Admission Essays

  • Do not wait until the very last minute to start writing your essay. They are tedious and time consuming, however do not wait. Get started so you have plenty of time to complete them and write them correctly.
  • Do not use information that does not support your thesis. Keep the topic tight, so that you do not go off topic.
  • Don’t start with common openers or begin with I did this or I came from here.
  • Make sure that it does not look like an actual resume or list of achievements.
  • Some humor is okay, but do not go over the top with silly jokes or sarcasm.
  • Skip the overly big words and impressive sentences. This can come across as stiff and too formal. It can also look like your trying too hard to impress them.
  • Use spell check, but do not rely on it exclusively. It needs to be proof read and looked over by people too.
  • Do not lie or say what you think the admissions staff wants to hear. Again, do not try to overly impress them.
  • Do not exaggerate your experiences, qualifications or achievements. It will be obvious.
  • Do not use generic words and statements. There are better words to use then nice or things.
  • Skip the clichés as well. There is a reason that it is a cliché, they have heard it before. Come up with something unique, but honest.
  • Do not use the same essay over and over again for each college admission essays. Look through them, make changes as necessary. Make sure that the essay will work for another college’s question. You can use them again, but make changes.